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Human resource

International human resource business:

We can help the customer to establish and complete the relevant policy that adjusts to send the employee to participate various short-term or long-term works at home and abroad. We can establish the relevant policy according to the customer's corporate culture, insuring the decided business target of their real realization. The service that we can provide includes:

  • according to nation or the profession basis evaluations the customer adjusts the policy that send employee to abroad to work;
  • Drafts a well balanced of tax or the tax international human resource policy that item is protective;
  • Application stays the visa and work visa;
  • Send the employee to provide the tax administration laws to carry out the service for the employer and outside

Employee's business group

This work group is constituted by the experienced professional personnel. They all realize the business enterprise at establish the employee the salary welfare system and procedure various complicated problems involve. We can help the customer to review the existing policy and procedures, provide tightly suggestion of stick the profession pulse, and insure the customer and can own valid and have the salary welfare system of the tax administration performance. We own abundant experience in the following aspect:

  • Employ the project;
  • Salary welfare system of;
  • The salary tax law rules carries out the reviewing;
  • Send away the arrangement; And the subscribed capital compensate the system

Personal tax administration service

Regardless whether you were station or not a native employee still a foreign employee of the overseas, we give a helping hand for you, handling personal tax administration affair. We can help the customer to review to employ the item, put forward the project that has the tax administration performance, and insure the customer at the same time the times can carry through personal tax administration laws of obey Hong Kong and other nations.

  • Review personal tax administration plan;
  • Establish to across personal tax administration plan of frontier
  • Predict should pay the tax dues; and draw up China, Hong Kong, the United States and England personal to pay tax to declare the form.

Talented person's capital effect:

Talented person's capital usually is an expenditure at the same time, is a main investment of the income that can increase the business enterprise consistently, and is an organization in the most changeable property. However, compared with the financial capital, operation, sale and customer's section, talented person's capital behaves most not measure and behave the business enterprise understand to configuring most not of constitute the main factor.

Carrying on to talented person's capital thorough reviewing is a huge work. However, the effect that takes no cognizance to strengthen talented person's capital to manage the system means to give up the business target that the employee unites to support the business enterprise, saving expenses, raising the productivity and obtaining the opportunity of higher repay. Who pay raise these prices?

Asking for help to go it effectively professional method is in accordance with the tool, We can help you make the human resource management of your company been in accordance with the business enterprise the strategy mutually and harmonious. Thus make the work( item and process) of the human resource section valid and even have to support usability. Concrete but speech, we pass to help the customer outside the talented person's attraction and reservations, reward mechanism, results management, communication, business enterprise merger and integration, productivity and its solutions keep to the human resource the melioration of an etc. makes the customer be subjected to the benefit.

Our service let you can:

  • Carry on the health inspection of the human resource system
  • Re- review the human resource process and organizations
  • Evaluate the human resource policy and actual situations
  • The plait writes a diagnosis report, pointing out you in the capital management aspect all improvable and important opportunities of talented person accurately

Business enterprise effect:

The business enterprise of the traditional order and the control business enterprises have already can't make an enough quick reaction to the volatile competition environment and market economy.21 century needs to build up one as well as agility be advantageous to the innovatory structure again.

We have the expert who the strategy programming, the business process reorganization, change management and human resources manage the aspect, and developed a set of help the business enterprise to auditing a patient their current effect through the accredit method, draw up a blue print to build up an even have the structure of the effect and construct an implement plan to let the business enterprise change direction the future from now.

Our service let you can:

  • Re- reviews the organization constitution and total effects
  • Re- establishes to organize the structure and processes
  • Re- establishes the responsibility
  • Draw up the transition plan

The results management encourages with employee:

End challenges of the professional personnel of any business enterprise leadership and human resources all encourage the employee to reach the business enterprise results. Under the condition of a lot of, the results management system is thus complications with as for it represented the tedious administration evil-foreboding dream only and can't guide the people to attain the higher results also.

We be aware of these latent shortcoming therefore, we established a powerful method to help you develop a results management system, to attain following several balances:

  • Business enterprise of
  • and personal balance of results
  • The balance of the successful and farsighted target of the business enterprise short date and
  • The balance of complications and simplification

Also important is, we make use of the creative and viable method to draw up to praise the system, making it not only manage the system with results, and but also is strategic with business closely the knot put together.

Our service let you can:

  • Design the results that an and your business strategies mutually contact management system
  • Give the each important aspect of the salary, for example the assurance salary at constitute to wait the aspect to establish the explicit leading policy the position and variable salaries of the place on the market, thus know to clarify its salary principle for the business enterprise
  • Establishment results management and employee encourages the bridge between system
  • Programs with the thorough change management, the employee consultation and communicates and the change train to the implement of help the system

Salary and welfare:

It is any key main factor of employee management with good business enterprise to acquire the second to none employee, treat them goodly and let them develop constantly. These three main factors, if don't is all, at least mostly, all embodiment in ¡°How pay your employee's salary to make them produce the business result that you need"?

Our expert helps the business enterprise implement plan, satisfying the business enterprise strategic and needing, making the policy of the business enterprise meet the request of the law at the same time. Our experience that is in this aspect tells us, if the employee's communication not at plan the initial stage of implement and have to arrive the value, the best plan also will be return in the failure. Therefore, we will not stay around the design of the concept project up, we will still draw up the communication and the implement projects with meticulous care to satisfy all with related benefits' request.

Pass to combine our human resource and financial professional knowledge, we can help the business enterprise to praise their employee and the business target and the shareholder value hooks. Our complete set salary and the welfare service include:

  • The administrative personnel salary and welfare
  • Total salary and welfare programming
  • The year encourages the mechanism and stocks plan design service
  • salary structure, a salary and the salary consultation service
  • Communicate system

Lead the ability and professional developments:

The business enterprise of today annually at train and develop the aspect cost ocean of money. But issue in regard to lie in 80% moneys are all wasted, from the angle of the development, most business enterprises all provide the amusement, not educate. The courses of a day of course, a week are all to didn't be valid, because of if education have no again and again usability, it is just an amusement. An after month, the employee forgets the thing of" learn" for the meeting.

We developed one method of training and development, this method is absorbed in to unite the study and businesses and the human resource strategy, contact the study and the activity and Accomplishment result of everyday, and provide can get with the hand of and the ego direction of study opportunity.

In order to satisfy your concrete need, we return to tailor design of and provide for the quality as this study system and train the service outward completely.

Our service let you can:

  • Re- reviews the business and human resource strategies
  • Decide to lead the dint in the request of the natural intelligence and corporate culture
  • The employee who finds out the key develops the demand
  • Build up, contacts and provides the development activity of the key, for example the training and employee's post rotates the plan
  • Develop to design a process for integrate for the results
  • Construct a keep on of study and the sharing knowledge of environment

We provide for the business leader and professional personnel of train the service outward:

  • Lead the ability training
  • The human resource train

Human resource information system:

Science and technology among those can push the human resource professional from the traditional personal management administrative personnel to increase in value of the human resource key main factor of the strategic partner change. Can¡¯t maximize the advantage of the human resource information system and not only will because the human resource process automation can not reach the anticipant result, but also will still make the business enterprise lose the gold opportunity of the strategic human resource decision of make a quick.

Pass to provide the human resource information system service from the strategy and the luck camp, we are in aid of you obtain all advantage of the human resource information system with the best cost efficiency.

Our service let you can:

  • Draw up the business enterprise example to elaborate on with the different human resource information system eligibility project that strategic demand mutually contact of the business enterprise of the advantage and the expenses
  • Record the function request of the human resource information system to provide to choose the software supplier and the design of the systems in the days to come to use
  • Provide the consultation concerning the choice software supplier process

Change the management:

Today in the volatile business environment, a lot of business enterprises all struggle to enter with hour also, even do not say to walk before change of follow. A lot of original intentions are good changes to all die midway perhaps with the bad implement be over. An employee's strategy and the business enterprise project that design hardest must solve the most important aspect of employee's main factor- " Have the advantage to change for the related of benefits?"

Our comprehensive change management tool is in aid of you carry out the very perfect change- With ingenuous valuation, draw up the right prospect of change and communicate and make the employee for the change works well the preparation as beginning, with a measure, inspects, and praise the valid change to circulate the system continuously for end.

Our service let you can:

  • Valuation to change of prepare the degree
  • Clarify the prospect, mission and values
  • Promote, mobilize the employee¡¯s implement change in multiple layers
  • Design the detailed change plan
  • The employee whom preparation synthesize communicates and trains
  • For keeping up usability to change to build up the foundation structure and systems

The employee¡¯s satisfaction inquisition and service characters:

The business enterprises of the most all declare: "Their employee is their most important property¡±. However, at have in these business enterprises how many the business enterprise measure these physically in the days to come would bring the world class service character, incomparable productivity, a huge sum of profits and keep on" the most important property" of competitive advantage of usability for the business enterprise to satisfied degree of the business enterprise?

Our ready-made inquisition tool and templates are in aid of you measure your employee's satisfaction and morale, the most important is, we can also be in aid of you point out accurately should improve of key realm with promote you of service character, productivity and human resource manage the system and actual effect

Our service let you can:

  • Understand business enterprise and the employee's challenge
  • Tailor to investigate the format and establishments to collect the method of investigate the form
  • Carry on the inquisition
  • Analyze the inquisition the result and has a report, putting forward to the short-term and long-term suggestion of business enterprise
  • Pass to initiate the corporate culture or carry out other human resource items to strengthen a cultural atmosphere of job that can promote employee's satisfaction and the service quality vegetables

Annex and procure

When the business enterprise carries on a great sum of investment to the important change, for example annex and procures, the business enterprise expects this investment and there will be the very big result. The annex of the business enterprise and procure and those follow of" make the person nauseating" of change is becoming the fact gradually. A fact that shock very much be these annex and procure ten have 89 can't attain to expect the shareholder value of increment, and can't resolve the employee's problem to was usually think with accuracy is cause these failure of a key main factor. The business enterprise leaders how guarantee that the business enterprise can attain and maintain the benefits that change expects enough?

We have ever helped to make with some business enterprises together, these business enterprises experienced almost all keys of important change to drive the main factor, for example annex, procured and signed separately. We according to our experience to the agenda that support business enterprise's changing by decide and can let the business enterprise and its employee head for the success. Our tool and methods covered the annex and stage procures in front and backs to inherit with the assurance business enterprise in good condition.

Our service let you can

  • Carry on cautious sex of human resource check
  • Draw up a for annex and procure to work well to prepare of annex plan 100 days before procure
  • Provide to annex the human resource after procure the implement plans the consultation

The human resource service build up and the outside wrap:

Under the market environment of a fast growth or turbulences, is the leaders that the new business enterprise still has the good development the basal business enterprise to all need the whole body heart to throw in spite of in the establishment business is strategic and satisfies the customer of need, obtain the market quota and maximize the profits. Sometimes would completely there are no time and the energy whereabouts manage those tedious employee administrations manage and carry out the business of the related laws.

Our finance, tax administration, law and human resource the expert at any time takes pleasure in make use of our professional knowledge as you to handle the business that these employee's administrations manage etc. nicely.
Our service let you can:

  • Comprehend your manpower requirement
  • Program related problem of the employee and laws in detail for you according to the economy or the laws environments of the region
  • Help you to the contented employee and laws requests

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