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Management Consulting

We provide for the business enterprise with value management for core of strategic manages, organization the structure integrate, the business enterprise resources integration, the ownership of a share option design, management the layer procure. The investment consultation our investment consultation business to involve the share system reformation and procure with the annex, appear on market the programming, the financing plan and before invest expected cautious to investigate etc. realm, provided the all-directions professional service for the each stage that the business enterprise threw the financing, insure the customer, the financing progress carried on smoothly.

The training serve
In order to adapt the demand that social everyone face, match with the national finance system reform, raise the wealth meeting personnel and evaluate the personnel's business ability, train the department as business enterprise manager, wealth meeting business personnel, engineering technical personnel etc. provides the following business training:

Finance accountancy's knowledge

  • Revenue from tax policy
  • The accountancy¡¯s electronics calculation knowledge
  • The business enterprise management knowledge
  • The system reform
  • The property valuation etc.

The business enterprise train- main training product

  • Procure the annex
  • Financial instrument
  • Business proposal
  • The budget management
  • The cost management
  • The risk management
  • The management statement
  • The group finance managing manage
  • The finance knowledge that the
  • management need when make policy
  • The organization structure
  • The encourages the mechanism
  • The management layer procure

Finance consultation:
We provide the characteristic finance consultation project to the different development stage of the business enterprise, including in a specific way: Accountancy according to the norm finance the finance manual that foundation work, according to promote the budget management, cost control of the business enterprise management level and manage the statement, control, enhance the risk of the risk consciousness management manual according to the sound inner part, and manage according to the group finance of the business enterprise.

Our finance consultation service can customer how expands the business and promote the shareholder value to put forward the opinion that incisive open up. Each stage that we can trade in the finance provides the profession help, among them including the finance and businesses investigate with circumspection, after business enterprise merge of integration service, the business enterprise reorganization service...etc. Moreover, we can also help the customer to detect and prevent business enterprise from deceive.

Finance foundation norm:
Include checking the manual, system manual, the finance organization manual and the management statements

The cost management

The budget management

Invest the consultation service- regulate the service with circumspection:
The economic development result of the recent years China is very outstanding; being filled with the business opportunities, the quantity that invests the activity is also often creative high.

If want to obtain the success in the China and the Pacific Asia area, the business enterprise must overcome to come from the language and the difference on the cultures and take charge of the obstacle that broad aspect of the variety and regions of the system constitute first then.

The work method:

Our work group remitted to gather professional personnel whom everyone faces. They can make use of the work method of the investment consultation service information for possess singly and usage the following, letting customer's be sure of success of the time of day?

  • The understands the customer's target;
  • Draw up the workflow that was agreed after negotiation by both parties;
  • The information of the region that makes use of the superior quality, carry on the profession strategic, cautious inquisition of business and finances;
  • The periodically carries on make collective report, being juxtaposed a various business and the finance problem to the influence that strategic target constitute;
  • The promotes decision make peace judge to work of carry on;
  • The help trades the implement work of emaccording to.

Related experience

Merge and procure: The strategic merger is a more and more important means that the business enterprise carries out the business target. We own abundant related experience, once holding hands with customer to complete many a large business enterprise and buying the activity. The work method that we possess singly can find out various problems, risks and buy the items of the aspect also for the customer as early as possible, insuring to trade can complete and create the shareholder value successfully.

Sell/ dismantle separately: Create the shareholder value has already become the focus of the market more and more. We can through the work method for possess singly, find out the treatment for the customer/ dismantle to invest the item and the particular property most appropriate methods separately to put forward the related suggestion also. Our selling party support service can provide the help for the customer in the whole bargain process.

The first time recruits publicly: Regardless the business enterprise carries on collecting the purpose of publicly for the very first time is for the sake of money raising, the exaltation popularity, still provide the market of the bargain for the stock of the business enterprise, the business enterprise must carry on the extensive research and detailed and complete plans in the before the events, to insure the work and can obtain the happy result. We are responsible for the items that the group can concentrate to handle the key, letting customer complete the work that the first time collects publicly smoothly.

Raise a joint venture and strategic elucidations:

Raise a joint venture and strategic alliances were already gradually seen as is a path that expands the oversea business and fights for the global economic scale or raises the fastest safety in the cost competition ability. However, but the relevant work usually can not reach the expectation result. We can help the customer to understand the risk concerning arrangement and be in conjunction with the effect and latent problems, thus letting the customer be placed in the more beneficial negotiation position and establishing the clear performance measure and adequacies to withdraw the strategy.

Private ownership: we own abundant related experience, the once helping the government and semi- official organizations to establish the specialized organization to carrying on the management in the business market, among them the including the relevant business and changes of processing¡¯s to manage the problem. This face from everyone the work group that professional personnel constitute can in the deadline before end succeed to help the organization transformation.

Item and structure financing: In the process of financing, carry on to the risk the accurate list price is a key that raises the shareholder value. Our item and the structure financing technique can help the customer to turn down the item/ procure the activity to add the average funds cost of power, the increment completes the opportunity of the bargain successfully. We can help the customer to identify the creditor contain interest can divide the property and the cash discharges, establish the bargain project that can improve the cash discharge, through audit to investigate to turn down the financing operator's worry in uncertainty to the bargain as far as possible, and the thing color each financing outlet.

Invest the consultation service- strategy and business information

We mainly through conduct the interview and analysis¡¯s that the aspect carries on a series to the customer, supplier and relevant business enterprise, provide the following professional service for the customer:

  • Cautious inquisition of business of;
  • Profession of and rival analysis;
  • The market of allows to go into the research;
  • The business of chooses the address research;
  • The valuation of business plan and the predict

Beneficial result: Help the real competitive advantage of the understanding business of customer, thus evaluate its business value; And customer can accord to we to the independent valuation of the market condition, make a decision of advisability.

The business investigates with circumspection: The investor must know the management environment of understand the target business enterprise: Does the target business enterprise be placed in the beneficial position?

The business investigates with circumspection can the basis rival and the performance of the circumstance valuation target business enterprise of the market.

The cautious inquisition of business combined the cautious inquisition of finance/ law, can help whether the buyer decision carry on or not concerning the bargain. We through different information source and have the strategic analytical technique of the preface highly, provide toward the customer deep and very clear and original and excellent opinions, among them include:

  • Market scale;
  • Compete the circumstance;
  • The market is precise into the strategy.
  • Our strategy and the business information service groups be responsible for to carry on the cautious inquisition of business for the customer, and help the customer to establish the bargain strategy.
  • we are providing these services to have the following advantage:
  • Global strategy and business information network
  • Perfect research database
  • We once carry on the related item at global several places, experienced
  • Perfect profession, working talent and professional personnel's network in all countries

The risk consultation the service:

The risk of consult with our risk consultation service to take the audit service of our core as the foundation, the according to nowadays of management environment; concentrate on resolve for the customer most urgently strategic and operation last of problem. These services aim at accountancy in accordance with the report, information, operation, finance and funds, take charge of and the supervision etc. the main risk realm, the aim at with of way help the work that the customer works well the risk management.

The precision computes the service: We can help the insurance company and the ego insurance companies to manage the domestic and the business in the region risks, and provide the opinion of have the viewpoint and carry on the coordination for the relevant business.

We can make use of the finance amount of model to turn the business risk and evaluate the viable risk management measure, and measure whether the customer¡¯s risk management strategy is valid or not.

-The company manages the service: We can help the customer to manage the company to manage the medium existent risk. We will evaluate the business enterprise to manage the structure according to the management environment and the business risks of the business enterprise, and lead the point puts in the operation quantity of improve the board of directors and in the corporate culture into manage the principle, and strengthen to inspect, evaluate and manage the work

Our professional personnel own abundant experience, have ever provided the consultation of internal supervision for the different type business enterprise. Be one member within global professional service organization, we own incomparable global professional resources, customer's foundation, the service network and abundant experiences, can provide the valid business solution for the customer.

The standard of the accountancy converts the service: We can provide the work method of a system for the customer, helping the customer to evaluate, design and carry out to <the international finance report standard> the work that convert. Let the customer adapt this to convert in the process and procedural varieties, turn down as far as possible may to the influence that business constitute.

The information risk manages the service: Our service mainly aims at the customer's business process, network and the processing environments, and the information is in the organization the risk that unauthorized biography involve when pass. The professional personnel of this can aim at the customer in the aspects of managing the information technique (IT) the risk involve provides the suggestion, and help they design and carry out the appropriate supervision and safe measure.

  • The risk management serves to include:
  • The electronics auditing the service
  • Network prestige attestation
  • System attestation

ntly layer after layer because difficult, emergence of the information technique and numerical communication method, change the management method of the business enterprise continuously. Our electronics auditing the service and can help the customer the full confidence advantages that technique brings when develop, let customer raise by borrow work efficiency, hold tight each new chance.

Investigate the manifestation, Internet customer- Include the general customer and business organizations- All take pleasure in more at get the third square checks the website of the certificate to go forward to go the bargain. The network prestige attestation service can let the customer who acquire the attestation post notice the attestation an official seal on its world-wide-web, providing the following confidence foundation for the web page visitor:

  • The bargain is the operation mode performance that according to have already publish;
  • The business enterprise has already establish to supervise and control the measure with integrality that maintenance trade;
  • The customer private information that business enterprise of collect will not be abuse
  • The above-mentioned measure can maintain the customer's confidence, then can develop the potential of the business enterprise website well.

Moreover, this still owns abundant professional knowledge and resources can provide the suggestion and the implementation solutions for some systems that can not attain the network prestige attestation to request, helping the customer to obtain the attestation.

The information system tube cure:

  • he finance model reviewing
  • Item risk management of IT: We can help the customer to evaluate the risk that IT involve, and establish the valid risk control plan. This overall IT risk management basis evaluation method can make customer is also excellent to turn the supervision measure of oneself according to the results of the circumstance evaluation oneself of other organizations. We can the customer's merger, procure, the property removes or appears on market the risk of IT and influences that item involve to carry on the cautious inquisition, for the third square the personage provides the independent confidence assurance.

Moreover, we can also help the customer to follow to take charge of and the request of the laws, insure the particular standard or requests that they carry through to obey various techniques, and implement to entrust for the board of directors the responsibility provide need of information.

  • The IT results performance
  • The strategy of IT
  • The evaluate risk pack outside the work

The valid information system tube cure to not only contribute to insuring the business system to create the value for the business enterprise, combine can manage to manage the technique appropriately through the appropriate company the proper and particular risk, and can but also guarantee that the technical application matches the business enterprise to take charge of the request.

The business keeps on to conduct the management: Maintain the height can use usability

The customer of the present and business the colleague is widespread to all request the business enterprise to provide all-Weatherly thoughtful and in time of service. Customer¡¯s expectation is in this aspect the graveness, profound variety appears, raised the information and services and can use usability to develop and keep on the importance of the growth to the business consumedly.

The gradually strict customer requests to make the height of the system and can become any successful main factor of on-line business with usability. Therefore; the business enterprise that owns the on-line management outlet should value the information and services and can use the problem of usability highly.

The business enterprise must work well the work that information and services can use usability is because of

  • The customer is widespread to all request the business enterprise to provide 100% the available service all-Weatherly (24 x 7 x 365)
  • The success, good reputation and brands value of the business enterprise of faces the new threat;
  • The technique develop more and more precise, the business enterprise is hard to maintain the 24 x 7 x 365 of usability;
  • The data collections and the storage rates and related requests increase to over 50% annually;
  • All business of interruption affairs is in the middle to be close to 60% is from IT lead with the result that.

Therefore, we expect the business enterprise that use the circumstance and can use usability to measuring the system according to the customer, will be increased to 25 significantly by 20% of this year of over 75%.

Our business keep on the management and manage service and can help the customer:

  • Through the service that provide the stability, superior quality with the brand image and good reputations that maintain the business enterprise, and carry out the valid company to manage;
  • lead with the result that the economy that close up shop loses to reduce lowest because the system break down or the urgent repair work is not enough quick and can't produce result;
  • Avoid appear the large system breaks down the affairs, thus guaranteeing the benefits of the shareholder;
  • the level that the system can raise to the customer to request with usability;
  • Keep the market share- Face the market environment of the competition vehemence, the key that keeps the market share lies in the stable system performance, safety and credibility¡¯s.

The height of the information and service can use usability

The height of the information and service can become each one to own a main results guideline and competition abilities of the business enterprise of the on-line marketing outlet to mainly measure the basis with usability. Moreover, we also discover that the traditional urgent business repair method has already be not enough to apply, because the market requests the faster breakdown repair time nowadays, this cause business enterprise and market to quickly break down the repair the request of time, repair the method with tradition at satisfy to request the of ability of aspect to appear a huge a great gulf fixed

Therefore, the height that insures the information and services can use initial target of the business enterprise that usability has already become all to own the on-line marketing outlet. We can help the customer to satisfy new request that the market changes continuously:

  • The draws up the appropriate infrastructure and the technocracy modes, to insure the height of maintain the system and can use usability and own to complete the ability for rush to repair immediately;
  • The carries out the high level service that customer request, the to keep the competitive advantage, the maintain the outstanding performance every moment; And Collect on the network along with the customer, the need of the storage and the access data is significant and increase, the value that we can help the customer and raise the related work and turn down and manage the cost.

The inner part audits the service:

We can help the customer to insure to have already design to combine to circulate smoothly valid and efficiently of control measure, configuring the risk and strategy risks with the management organization of the business enterprise.

We can wrap the service through the cooperation or outsides of the internal audit, helping the operation mode that the business enterprise controls the forerunner, looking for the economical cost and suggesting the opportunity of the high profit.

In the aspects of cooperating the service, our professional personnel has abundant profession and the profession knowledge, and buy or the stock manage the concrete operation experience of etc., can support the customer's internal audit work completely. As for the outside wraps the service aspect, the full-time troops of technique and adequacy that we can pass the perfect work method and lead, carry out the inner part audit work for the customer.

In addition, we also can help don't establish inside review the working talent of customer build up an inside review the section, or hold hands to break with customer together inside the traditional mode that review, convert it become a can provide the strategy business information and increase in value for the business enterprise of mechanism.

Match the rules service:

Take charge of the laws support service

Take charge of the laws support service (include <Sarbanes -Oxley Act>) we can help the customer to evaluate to take charge of the risk and establish the related risk management measure, and evaluate and test to match the rules to inspect the institutional usefulness

We can help the customer to establish to take charge of and match the rules strategy, take charge of the reviewing to carry on preparing and plan, handling to take charge of the problem on the report and with take charge of the organization coordination to solve problem. Moreover, we can also help the customer to evaluate the finance supervision system and find out the weak link combine the implement melioration measure, to follow <Sarbanes -Oxley Act> the request that Article 404s and others are related to take charge of the rule.

The business enterprise matches the rules service

We can help the customer to avoid violate the rules behavior, and overall understanding customer's oneself matches the rules circumstance currently. Our service scope includes the valuation to match the rules policy and procedures currently, establish the laws to inspect the section and board of directorate and audit the committee and manage the role of the layer to provide the suggestion, and help the design and carry out to match the rules item particularly, including to provide the training to study the plan with net up.

Match the rules inquisition

We can help the customer to find out or checks whether the solid customer¡¯s system, process or personnel appears or may appear the circumstance of violate the rules or not.

Our service scope includes the valuation of matches the rules risk and match the rules inquisition and search, accepts appointment for take charge of the organization, financing institution and is take charge of the organization carries on the inquisition and reviewing, and the customer's structure, process and supervision the measure provides the melioration suggestion.

The risk manages service:

  • The business enterprise risk management (Comprehensive business risk evaluate)

Completely the business risk evaluation (the Comprehensive Business Risk Assessment) can find out for the customer and the quantity turn various strategies risk (affect the biggest risk to the shareholder value), and according to the degree of the risk to arrange to handle the order of sequence.

This is a valid and efficiently of the risk valuation process, can find out from top to bottom to turn the risk of affect the business enterprise accomplishment with quantity. We can also evaluate through the overall business risk, establishing an internal audit plan that has the preface in outside pack or important cooperation serve.

Control and Risk Self Assessment

" Control and Risk Self Assessment " provided a reviewing and evaluate and design the structure of the best control mechanism for the business enterprise, the in aid of business enterprise manages the risk and carries out the business and the quantity targets. Many managements are good, the structure is perfect, and concentrate on continuously public section or the industry and business enterprises of look for the breakthrough, all value more and more" Control and Risk Self Assessment ".

Generally speaking, a majority of business enterprises combine to have the resources that the performance" Control and Risk Self Assessment¡± need incompletely. Our professional personnel owns abundant experience, can recommend the best operation mode for your company, the help develops to have the control moderate breezes insurance of the cost efficiency management system with implement.

  • Policy and procedure manual

The business enterprise invites the serious finance loss and causes damaged example of the business enterprise good reputation because the inner part control mechanism is not perfect and operate policy and procedural shortage, have already seen not fresh often in the business society of the present. Obviously, the business enterprise needs to build up the perfect policy and procedures to make up the shortage of the procedure and internal control.

The work that draws up the policy and the procedure manuals absolutely can't despise, must the careful and attentive plan combine the appropriate performance. Our inner part audit the professional personnel and can cooperate with your company, providing various help of necessity, and can at take charge of and match the rules to provide to constructive and stick the opinion of the market pulse tightly.

Can keep up the management service

We can help the customer to handle the economy, society and the environment problems availably, to keep the ideal finance accomplishment continuously.

The concrete service scope includes and then insures the management system that business enterprise can keep on the management and implement the social responsibility to establish the adequacy and evaluates the integrity, ISO 14001, cautious inquisition of environment, and evaluate the global influence of weather warming and variety.

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