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The foreign business enterprise organization acts for the business

  • Resident representative's organization establish, registers the business
  • The carries out to criticize the text, industry and business to register; The police department keeps on record, engraves the chapter, business enterprise code, the bank account-open, the country a tax to register and carry out to pay tax the define;
  • Personal related register of foreign nationality
  • The changes and postpones
  • The approval certificate, industry and business, the country a tax postpones and changes
  • Represent the place log off
  • A tax of the country log off, the industry and business log off, the business enterprise code log off, the maritime customs log off, the foreign nationality is personal to log off.
  • The company outside the invests the business enterprise to establish and register the business
  • The help drafts the relevant documents, such as agreement, possibility research paper, stand rule and contract...etc., acting for to bid for criticizing the text, industry and business registration register and enter up and expect the whole distance register keep on record

The local business enterprise business unit acts for the business

  • The agency deals the establish, register, change, logging off of the business enterprise inner part capital business
  • The industry and business bureau registers the registration
  • The police department of keeps on record, engraves the chapter, the bank account-open
  • The technical director office the registration;
  • The tax administration register
  • The application is generally the taxpayer qualifications
  • Deal the alteration that the industry and business bureau registers the item
  • Deal the alteration that registers the item in each related government section
  • A tax of country tax administration logs off the procedure
  • Deal to log off the procedure in each related government section
  • Deals to establish or change the industry and business license and engrave the Company's seal, tax administration to register, the maritime customs register, the foreign exchange registers and draws bank account etc.
  • For the consultation that the wealth, tax, the business enterprise industry and business that the customer provides the high new technique business enterprise registers etc..

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